Payment starters.

Backed by payment initiation, our range of smart products allows any business to easily launch smooth flows to pay, get paid, bill and refund.

Our payment products.

Direct payments. Direct payments.

Let your customers pay directly with their bank and remove any middlemen (and their fees) from your payment flow.

Instant payouts. Instant payouts.

Send secure transfers from your business as single or batch payments or easily grant refunds to customers whenever needed.

Recurring payments. Recurring payments.

Give customers an alternative to credit cards by accepting recurring bank transfers. Ideal for memberships and subscriptions.

Marketplace payments.

Automatically split any amount received between merchants and sub-merchants. The perfect solution for your marketplace.

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Want more from payments?

If you would like to know more, or if the problem you are trying to solve is not currently tackled by any of our data products, do get in touch. We definitely love a challenge!

Under the hood.

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