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Know what
banks know.

Boost your services with financial data, premium insights
and account-to-account payments from banks across Europe.
Payments & payouts.

Pay and get paid, directly.

Let your customers (both companies and individuals) pay you directly from their bank account. Send funds and refunds as easily.

Insights & data.

The power of banking data.

Safely access your customers’ account information to streamline your processes or to build innovative, insightful and fully personalized financial solutions.

Beyond the Nordics.

We provide full access to 99% of all private and business accounts in Scandinavia.

No company left behind.

You do not need to be regulated nor to request any additional authorization to benefit from our services.

Zero legacy.

We are developing on modern technology which makes our solutions scalable, secure and efficient to run.

We’re fully licensed.

Authorised by Finansinspektionen (the Swedish FSA) as one of the few licensed PISP/AISP companies in the EU.

Made in Sweden.

In case you were wondering, we really are the most Swedish fintech in the world. That’s a fäct. You can check with our development team in Sarajevo!

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Under the hood.

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