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We are

The next generation of open banking.

What we do.

We help businesses to take advantage of the new financial scenario and deliver premium services tailored to their customers’ expectations and needs.



We believe that the new financial era we recently entered provides a massive opportunity for business innovation. We empower forward-looking companies to deliver services and apps that really matter.



Great experiences translate into optimal customer satisfaction, which to us is the ultimate definition of success. When crafting something new, we always keep end users at the very centre of everything.



“For devs, by devs” is not just a catchy phrase to us. Developers are the first to engage with everything we do, so we constantly strive to make building with us an easy and very pleasant experience.

Reliability rocks.

We have been told that many successful startups were founded in Scandinavia. As it happens, we are an entirely home-grown Swedish company. True, we develop in Bosnia and our copywriting gets quickly fashioned in Spain. Still, we are a 100% Swedish-reliable fintech. You can trust us on that.

Badge of honor.

Yes, we are licensed! Finansinspektionen (the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority) has authorised us to provide account information and payment initiation services to our customers. Read the fine print in our footer if you don’t believe us.

Nordic at all costs.

Finshark is a fast-growing Swedish wonder with offices in Stockholm and Lund. Our in-house development department is based in Sarajevo, a great tech hub filled with amazing talent. The team there is constantly forced to organize office fika just to please the demanding management.

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