Yeah, we get it a lot… 

Why place a shark in our name?  

Why not a harmless pony, or a cute kitty?  

Why pick a word which has negative connotations 99% of the time?  

Here’s the story on how Finshark got its name, and why we’re sticking to it! 

When promoting trustworthiness, transparency, and innovation, why would you choose a word for which the best idioms to be found are “loan shark”, “swimming with the sharks” or even, “jump the shark*”? 

*To jump the shark. In TV series or films, to reach a point at which far-fetched events are included merely for the sake of novelty, indicative of a decline in quality.  

Because, to us, sharks represent the true spirit of a start-up.

They are restless as they need to keep swimming to survive. They never sleep, not ever. They are resilient as they have lived on this planet for more than 450 million years.  

They are resourceful and can adapt to their environments or situations. That’s why they can be found anywhere on the planet, from coastal to deep water habitats, from tropical coral reefs to the Arctic Ocean. 

Restless, resilient and resourceful are not just respectable words, but can also be used to define us as a business. Hence, the choice, the pride and the continued usage. It is our name after all! 

A shark might not always be the most flattering animal to be associated with. However, if you had to choose, wouldn’t you rather have a shark in your ring corner?

Today the shark part of our name lives on as the stylized shark fin in our logo. We’re still restless, resourceful, and resilient. Just not quite as nitwitted with the maritime references. Except, of course, in this article, we’ve got wind in our sails and deep dived into the captain’s log to retrieve a sea chart of our history. Sorry, last one, I swear. 

As a bonus, did you know our logo has evolved through the years, just like we have?

Finally, I leave you with the words of William Shakespeare: What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Ay, ay! 

This story is part of a series of articles and videos celebrating Finshark’s 5-year anniversary.

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