We hear you.

Our customers are important to us, and we believe that acknowledging your feedback, opinion and/or complaints are essential part of our company and products’ growth. Therefore, whether you are our direct customer or our customers’ user, your feedback or complaints deserve smooth and proper handling.

A complaint means that you in a specific case express concrete dissatisfaction with the handling of a financial service or product offered by us. In this context, general comments and general expressions of dissatisfaction are not considered as complaints.

You can submit your complaint by sending an email to the email address complaint@finshark.io, with the below subject:

Customer (your name) Complaint concerning (type of product)’.
For example: Customer (Name Surname) Complaint (i.e. concerning Direct payments).

This page provides information on how we will handle your complaint and what you can expect from us:

  1. Finshark will recognize your complaint without undue delay
  2. Finshark will response to your complaint within 5 working days, along with information on its initial assessment and next steps. If the complaint cannot be answered within 14 calendar days, Finshark will notify and provide explanation on such delay.
    In the even that Finshark reject your complaint, you will be informed of the grounds for such rejection and the possibility of having your claim re-reviewed
  3. Finshark will send its final response with its suggested measures, remedies and/or correction.
  4. If both parties considers that the complaint is satisfied, and the agreed remedies/corrections/measures are completed, Finshark will close the case.
  5. If you consider that Finshark’s response to your complaint is not satisfied, we will inform you of the possibilities to take your complaint further or for it to be reassessed. It is, however, in your discretion to provide us an explanation on why your complaint is not satisfied.

If you still are not satisfied after such reassessment, you have the right to take it to the Swedish General Complaints Board or to a public court in Sweden. The Swedish Consumers’ Insurance Bureau, the Swedish Consumers’ Bank Bureau, Finansinspektionen etc also offers free advice through their websites, if such is needed.

Keep in mind that Finshark have the obligation to document conversations, meetings, actions, and other matters related to the complaint for at least five years.

Finally, Finshark base its complaint procedures on Payment Services Act (2010:751) and Finansinspektionen regulations and general advice. Finshark will thereby update and/or adjust its handling processes if necessary and required.