Indeed, 2023 is wrapping up, but not until we’ve had a glance at what we’ve achieved so far!

If 2022 was a tough, shaky, and dimly lit scenery, 2023 was a torch! A beacon of light, like the first rays of a magnificent sunrise. What started as a feeling of “surviving” 2022, continued, not with fatigue, but with energy and a lust for revenge.

Cheesy? Well, heck yes, but true. It’s easy to get a bit cheesy, and emotional when looking back at another year that passed. Our everyday hustle and struggles turn our focus to the here and now, and the nearest future.

What are we proud of from 2023?

We’re growing! Our oh-so-important tech and compliance teams just keep on growing and growing! Curious about meeting some of our new faces? Say hello to Edin, Klara, and Kristin.

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For me, 2023 was very dynamic and completely different from the previous few. We started the year with 25 employees in our development office in Sarajevo, ending with 17 new colleagues. The most beautiful moments of this year were certainly written on our big team building in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tarik Jazic, Office Manager Sarajevo

We’re expanding! Two major focuses this year have been the additional expansion of markets. Finland and the Netherlands have joined the club of Finshark-enabled payments and insights!

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If I should single out one thing I’m proud of this year, it’s our cognizance! Our ideal customers, all over Europe, know who we are and what we stand for, and they trust us to handle big volumes of transactions.

Kristian Sternros, Chief Operating Officer

We’re prettier than ever! We’ve shed our old skin and rebranded with a fancy new look, as well as a clearer offering for any new customers. It’s not just a look, it’s a statement. “Don’t be like the rest of them, darling” – Coco Chanel (and apparently, our Brand Officer Nicola Spera)

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Sometime last year, we were ready to officially leave our start-up chrysalis behind and that had to be represented visually.
Our image has evolved into this modern, versatile, and bold look that you see now and that seems to scream “premium” and “enterprise-ready”. This was a very significant milestone we were incredibly proud to have met in 2023.

Nicola Spera, Chief Brand Officer

We’re at 99%! Our APIs have been hard at work, but with pep talk, long cuddles, and fast carbs, they’ve been up and running 99,95% of the year! A reliable, sturdy tech stack and skilled developers might have had a thing or two to do with it as well!

We’re family! The Finshark family has spread and now includes businesses like Vilja Solutions, iNet, Scrive, Incharge and Rivr. More customers are joining us every week!

..and speaking of family, we are rounding this year off with a positive vibe and gifts for our employees’ youngest family members!

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The end of the year is special. We have prepared gifts for the children of our employees. I am proud to say there are 15 now, and more on the way.

Adnan Sporo, CEO