In the competitive landscape of modern lending, companies are facing two major challenges:

  • slow settlement times
  • manual handling of payouts

Loan payouts fit for a modern world.

If a customer is borrowing money, they probably need it straight away, right? So don’t let them wait up to 3 bank days for the money to arrive. Remember your competitors are never more than a few clicks away. Promise and deliver on instant payouts, and increase conversion rates!

Increase margin, decrease cost.

Instant sounds expensive to you? It’s actually cheaper! Considering other benefits with open banking technique, Finsharks payouts can cut costs. Automatic payouts, real-time TRA, and verified recipient accounts are just a few of the upsides that will decrease manual labour, hence decreasing your costs.

Open banking payouts have the answers to lender companies’ problems, offering an immediate, secure, and cost-efficient solution. It’s more reliable than traditional providers, yet is just as safe. Businesses taking advantage of open banking technology make better use of resources and gain higher ROI .

With Finshark, you can process customer payouts quickly so they can get on with their lives.

And by the way, you can set up recurring payments, let customers pay by links, and validate accounts with our APIs as well.

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