Payouts with open banking are powerful. It’s instant, cheap, and can be fully automized. Customers love it and it’s ready for the market. So why isn’t this all over the place? Despite it being an overlooked part in some verticals, it’s crucial for others. Take learnings from online gaming, insurance, and the gig economy where payouts are a part of the core offer.

In this free webinar, our e-commerce specialist Linus Logren will dig deep into the way different markets can utilize open banking payouts to become more efficient, increase profitability and improve user happiness.

We will share our insights into different verticals and exemplify these with use cases;

  • Car dealership
  • Insurance
  • E-commerce
  • Travel

Join us and make better decisions for your business.

What’s a bite? We curate the core message from the webinar and cut it down to an easily digested short clip.
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Linus Logren

Payment specialist in the e-commerce and marketplace sector. A decade of experience working with e-commerce as a business owner, marketeer and consultant.

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