Scrive is a Swedish tech enabler in e-signing. They have transformed how corporations send, sign and authorize legally binding documents. By combining cloud-hosted documents with multiple layers of authorization and security, any document that once needed pen, paper, printers and even faxes (yikes!) can now be signed digitally.

With plenty of available integrations and add-ons, it doesn’t really end there. For B2C businesses, Scrive will soon be able to initiate payment agreements for Autogiro. Almost like a standalone checkout for subscription payment plans.

And they are about to get both easier to use and more secure! Scrive is integrating Account Information Services based on the open banking technique built by Finshark.

“Working with a business like Scrive feels just like it must feel for any Swedish football player to play alongside stars like Martin Dahlin or Henrik Larsson. They have managed to disrupt a very traditional space with legal agreements. Just like we are disrupting a traditional space.” says Kristian Sternros, COO of Finshark.

Finshark, one of the leading open banking enablers on the Scandinavian scene, is connecting banks all across Europe to enable non-financial businesses like Scrive, to make use of the possibilities bank data has to offer. Any Nordic user with a bank account can let Finshark access data connected to their bank accounts to make their everyday life easier.

In this case, open banking will make it easier to initiate a monthly payment by selecting the preferred bank account, rather than manually inputting bank account numbers. Information that is rarely top-of-mind. It will also increase security for the business using Scrive’s service, as there is no room for manual error or fraud.

“Partnering with Finshark marks an important expansion of our offering. Adding their Premium insights to our data look-up options drives the very kind of value Scrive is always striving for: improved customer experience, higher conversion rates, reduced administrative overheads, and better data quality.” says Scrive CEO Viktor Wrede.

The integration will launch in February 2023 and will be available for customers using Scrive to set up Autogiro. It won’t be safer or easier to use than this!

About Finshark.

Finshark is an open banking company unlocking payments and financial data products for all businesses. By removing friction from the legacy processes behind payments, checkouts, and within the financial services industry, it powers the breeziest customer experiences in finance. 

Founded in Sweden in 2019 and currently employing talents in four different European countries, Finshark turns open banking into business successes. 

About Scrive.

A leader in digitalisation since 2010, Scrive’s cloud-based platform provides agreement lifecycle automation powered by electronic signature and identification solutions. Businesses across the globe rely on Scrive to onboard and sign agreements with their customers, partners, and employees, driving customer experience, security, compliance, and data quality. Headquartered in Stockholm, Scrive is backed by Vitruvian Partners and has over 200 employees.

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