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Recurring payments. Recurring payments.

Recurring payments.

Give your subscription customers a much faster, safer and more convenient alternative to cards and direct debit.

So long, fees.

Remove any cost associated with the traditional payment actors.

How can payments using Open banking be so cost-efficient?

Safer than cards.

Unlike with card-on-file methods, no sensitive details are at risk of being stolen.

See our webinar highlighting all features!

No built-in churn.

Cards get lost or expire, bank accounts don't. No risk of over-billing. No complicated sign-ups.

Learn how it compares with the alternatives.

“Finshark's Flows is easier to use than Swish.”

- David Öhlund, CEO, GF Money Scandinavia.

The customer flow.

Customers pick their bank from our extensive list.

Customers identify through a familiar flow.

All authentications go through SCA like BankID, NemID or mitID.

Customers pick the account to schedule payments from.

The recurring payments are set. Easy peasy!

We got you covered.

Our infrastructure is growing by the day.

Today we can connect your services to 99% of all the private and business accounts in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway. And if you are wondering about that missing 1%, we can get you there too.

Does your business require more than the Nordics? Great. We are currently adding more and more banks across France, Spain, the Netherlands, and Germany.

More markets coming soon!
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Fully licensed!

Yes, we are licensed! Finansinspektionen (the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority) has authorised us to provide account information and payment initiation services to our customers. Read the fine print in our footer if you don’t believe us.

Reliable, solid tech.

We really strive to make everything we do a breezy experience to implement. Very little coding will get you far.

Easy as API.

Get up and running in minutes with the most accessible API around.

Got stuck?

Let us know if you need any support! Our Slack-channel is open for all techs and devs.

Skip the integration!

Would you like to start accepting recurring payments from your customers without any coding? Check out Streams, our self-serve platform packing all our products into one single interface – ready to be logged into.

Zero integrations. All the open banking power.

Let us show you.

Book a chat with us (no strings attached) to hear more about simplifying subscriptions through recurring payments. We will help you out!