Helsinki / Lund 2024-04-19

Finshark, one of Sweden’s leading open banking vendors, announced its availability for the Finnish market about half a year ago. Now they are taking another leap in its expansion in Finland, with the recruitment of Markus Salo. Markus, who leaves Zimpler to join Finshark, will lead the company’s sales projects towards Finnish customers, as well as build up their position and physical presence.

The successful offering that Finshark has contributed to the Swedish market for almost five years, is available on a full scale in Finland. Instant open banking payments and payouts, as well as powerful bank account insights, are what the company offers to segments like financial services, iGaming, and e-commerce.

“Finland is ready for this. Finshark is ready. I’m certainly ready! It’s not the first time I’ve brought Swedish tech to the Finnish market, but I promise you this. Finshark’s products are the most promising success factor to financial services or payment vendors to date.” says Markus Salo, Finshark’s new Sales Manager in Finland.

Among the banks integrated with Finshark’s open banking offering are S-Pankki, Danske Bank, OP, Nordea and more. However, it’s not the technical integrations that are the biggest contributors to Finshark’s increased focus on the Finnish market.

Markus continues about the features Finshark is bringing to the Finnish market:

“The payments are great, our tech is fantastic, but it’s the compliance and FCP standards that we think will set us apart. Every tiny little payment is connected to loads of valuable data insights, that can contribute to a safer transaction and add more business value than any other open banking partner can offer.”

The fact that Finshark chose to expand to Finland before any other country is affected by the strong fintech space available there, as well as the maturity of both businesses and end-users.

“Finland was always a part of our early expansion plans. We would have come sooner, but we take great pride in our products and want them to be spotless. They are, and the customers have approved. Now, with Markus, we are taking the next step”, says CEO, Adnan Sporo.

About Finshark

Finshark is an open banking company that unlocks payments and financial data products for all businesses. By removing friction from the legacy processes behind payments, checkouts, and within the financial services industry, it powers the breeziest customer experiences in finance.

Founded in Sweden in 2019 and currently employing talents in five different European countries, Finshark turns open banking into customer success.

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