8th of March means International Women’s Day! And with that, we want to shed some light on a truly inspiring, female focused organisation; Pink Programming. To learn more, we had a chat with Alma Bergil, and wow, we stand in awe of their ambitions and accomplishments. Here’s what Alma told us.

Thanks for letting us share your story, could you start with explaining what Pink Programming is all about?
We are a non-profit organization that works towards a gender equal tech industry. We create inspiring coding and networking events for developers and people who are curious about tech, as well as hosting DE&I courses for companies. Today, we’re Sweden’s biggest community for developers who are women and non-binary!

That’s impressive and inspiring! Why is it important to put extra focus on teaching girls, women and non-binary people programming?
Today we know that the more diverse the team, the higher the productivity, creativity and profitability of the team. Still the wide majority of developers are men. By challenging the narrative of who can, should and want to be a programmer we can create better products, a more sustainable technical development and an industry that actually represents the wider society. Furthermore, the tech industry needs more developers and we’re here to bring the people as well as widen the perspectives.

We need more developers, for sure… What advice would you give a young girl who have not discovered the world of developers yet?
Bring your curiosity and join a coding event! At our event you’ll explore coding and meet role models working in tech in a safe space of other women and non-binary people. I would also like to emphasize that you don’t need to be a “young girl” to change paths for your future. I’ve met a lot of “older” people who have changed their career path into programming. So that would be another piece of advice: there’s no such thing as too late to learn something new.

We support any initiative that helps more people get into the business of software development, but on this very day, we’re all about pink! 🩷 Learn more at pinkprogramming.se or visit one of their meetups!

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