Better together.

Welcome to our partnership programme page!

Let’s talk partnerships!

Not your usual partnership.

To us, partnerships go beyond traditional customer relationships. Through active engagement, co-creation and joint initiatives, our strategic collaborations are aimed at pushing the boundaries of development and growth within the fintech space.

Together, we can unlock revolutionary opportunities for growth and success.

Let’s talk partnerships!

What to expect.


We understand that partnerships thrive on long-term relationships. Unlike transactional interactions with customers, they involve continuous dialogue, joint planning, and collaborative problem-solving.


We only envision lasting partnerships that encompass ongoing growth, shared objectives, and mutual success. Together, we will forge a path towards innovation and industry leadership.


As a partner, you can expect access to additional resources, co-marketing opportunities, revenue-sharing models as well as early access to new features and opportunities to co-create.

Some of the perks.

Exclusive workshops.

We constantly organize sessions, workshop and catch-ups with our partners to make sure we are always in tune.

Network effect.

Enjoy our constantly growing platform of banks, financial institutions, fintechs, and other non-financial businesses.

Custom features.

We develop exactly what our partners need to turn open banking into their own specific definition of success.

Premium support.

We strongly support and enforce business success, but we strive for our partners’ success even harder!

Priority access.

When we release a new feature, product, or enhancement, our partners get to launch them before anybody else.

Collab opportunities.

Our best products started from a collaboration with banks, enterprises, or other companies with a problem to solve.

Become a valued partner today.

For more information or to discuss partnership possibilities, please reach out to our dedicated partnership team. Let’s embark on a journey of mutual growth and innovation!

Let’s talk partnerships!