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Let me introduce myself, and Finshark. I am Adnan Sporo, co-founder and CEO of the most exciting fintech right now. At least according to me, but I might be biased. Finshark is my heart and soul, where I truly believe we can make a dent in the world and improve, disrupt, and democratize the financial market.

What’s Finshark then? Finshark is what brings your business into the future of the financial landscape. We help you get better insights, make wiser decisions, avoid fraud, and conduct instant transactions to any bank account in Europe. Our proprietary APIs, open banking, and European-wide bank collaboration are ingredients in our recipe for success.

“Finshark is my heart and soul, and I truly believe we can disrupt, and democratize the financial market.”

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All the best,

Adnan Sporo

Co-founder & CEO