In this engaging podcast episode, Kristian Sternros, co-founder and COO of Finshark, shared invaluable insights following his trip to the ICE conference in London. The discussion primarily focused on the dynamic iGaming vertical and how open banking is revolutionizing this sector. Here’s what you can expect from the conversation!

Insights from ICE in London.

Kristian Sternros is back from the ICE conference in London, the discussion opens up with reflections on the intense, business-centric atmosphere of the event, setting the stage for a deeper conversation about the iGaming vertical.

iGaming at the forefront of technology.

Kristian details how iGaming is a beacon of technological adoption, with a keen interest in open banking due to its benefits in payment processing, compliance, and enhancing player experiences. The sector’s rapid pace demands constant innovation, making it an ideal landscape for open banking integration.

Networking and the essence of ICE.

The importance of networking and having pre-scheduled meetings at conferences like ICE is emphasized. Kristian shares insights into the strategic planning involved in making the most of these gatherings, highlighting the continued significance of personal connections in the digital age.

Looking ahead on iGaming conferences.

With a forward-looking perspective, Kristian shares upcoming conference plans, noting the strategic importance of each in promoting business growth and networking within the iGaming industry.

Open banking: A game changer for iGaming.

The conversation shifts to the core of how open banking is transforming the iGaming sector. From facilitating seamless transactions to ensuring regulatory compliance and aiding in financial crime prevention, the advantages are multifold. Kristian outlines the operational efficiencies and enhanced user experiences brought about by integrating open banking solutions.

Compliance and crime prevention.

A significant part of the discussion is devoted to understanding the role of open banking in ensuring compliance and preventing financial crime. Kristian discusses the delicate balance between accessibility and security, ensuring that user data is handled responsibly to mitigate risks.

Closing in on a revolution.

Concluding the episode, Kristian reiterates the potential of open banking in revolutionizing the iGaming industry, emphasizing Finshark’s commitment to innovation, security, and fostering strong partnerships.