Getting a good workplace culture is not something that just happens by itself. It takes just as much work, creativity, and structure as anything else. At Finshark we take serious on having fun at work! That’s why we recruited an HR superstar! With a background in psychology, traditional banking, and IT, you might think she was born to work at Finshark. And, wow, we are bound to agree! Meet Ena Sapcanin – our Head of People and Culture! 

Welcome to Finshark, Ena. I’m not sure everybody knows exactly what a Head of People and Culture does… Can you tell us about your role at Finshark?

My role is to make sure we maintain our positive workplace culture ensuring the development and well-being of our employees. It is truly exciting and creative since I can apply best practices which will enhance workplace satisfaction, support professional growth and ensure a positive and productive atmosphere. 

What is a positive workplace culture to you? How can that manifest? 

I could probably talk for hours about this topic as I found it very important. Positive workplace culture is the bedrock upon which an organization’s success is built. In a culture where employees are seen, heard and valued, they become active participants in the collective journey towards success.

Of course, a positive and respectful workplace culture doesn’t happen by chance. Leaders are playing a pivotal role in shaping the company culture and I always try to emphasize their importance in building and maintaining a positive workplace culture. Positive culture should be one of the top priorities of every company as I see it as the key driver of success in today’s competitive business landscape.

At Finshark, we have a hybrid workplace setup, where people can work out of the office if they choose to. Have you got any tips for people working remotely? 

Create a workplace atmosphere, set deadlines for yourself, and stay social! 😊

How do you feel about working in fintech, is it as exciting as they say?   

It really is. Full of challenges and excitement! Fintech as an industry is new to me, but it’s very interesting because it has huge potential from the tech/business perspective. At the same time, it’s very motivating to be part of something which brings end users a better way to deal with their financial operations and brings more transparency in the finance sector.  

Quick facts on Ena.

Transformed by motherhood, Ena cherishes her child’s giggles and the pause in hobbies. Time with family, friends, and shopping are her joys, but she enjoys nature, especially hiking Bosnia’s mountains. If not in HR, she’d likely explore interior design or real estate. 


Favourite word. Try.
Favourite TV show. The Office.
Favourite movie. The Godfather.
Favourite meal of the day. Breakfast. 
Favourite dish. Any dish that includes good meat. 
Favourite band. Dire Straits.

Now I’m curious about your own story! Tell us about your background. What were you doing before joining Finshark?  

I am a psychologist by profession. Before I fell in love with HR, I worked in a school with blind and partially sighted children and that experience in my life was truly beautiful. Shortly after that, I got my first opportunity in HR at a local bank.  

That experience helped me to develop a strong foundation in HR practices, employee relations and organizational policies. It did not only enhance my HR skills, but it also instilled in me the work ethic and the value of teamwork.  Transitioning from the banking sector to the dynamic IT industry was a transformative step in my career. Working in the IT and telecommunication sector broadened my understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities of managing talent in a technology-focused organisation.

The exposure to the IT sector and its vibrant and innovative culture allowed me to adapt and thrive in a constantly evolving landscape. And now, I’m here, at Finshark, eager to collaborate with the talented team by leveraging my skills in HR to enhance the workplace culture and contribute to our future company goals. 

What made you join the team in Sarajevo?  

They say first impressions are important and couldn’t agree more on that one. My first impression at Finshark was a fantastic experience which has set the tone for my journey with the company.  From my initial interaction with Adnan, our CEO and from that moment onward, my experience has consistently been marked by warmth, support, and honest communication. The entire team welcomed me, and I truly enjoy every day talking and working with great individuals I have the privilege to be surrounded by.

I am truly grateful to work in a company where people genuinely come first.  

Ena, thanks a million for your answers! We are thrilled to have you swimming with us, and we can’t wait to see what impact you’ll have on all of our offices and our work atmosphere. Before we wrap this up, do you have any words of wisdom you would like to share?  

Our life has no episode. Live it to the fullest.

Join the open banking engine room for business successes.

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Ena Šapčanin | Head of People and Culture

Passionate HR expert focusing on talent development, employee engagement and fostering a supportive culture! Creates workplaces where individuals thrive and drives organizational success through a genuine passion for the well-being of Finshark’s teams.

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