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We are generally looking for partners, not just vendors. We think that we will all become better if we have a partnership, not just a traditional customer and vendor relationship.

Pernilla Almström
Managing Director, coeo Sweden

coeo is not your average debt collector. Their focus is to help people become debt-free and to make the customer journey as simple and smooth as possible. Naturally, a sleek, modern, and user-friendly digital platform is a top priority with such goals at heart.

“The best customer experience is when a customer barely even notices us.”

Why partner with Finshark?

To become almost unnoticeable, coeo Sweden decided to team up with Finshark, on a recommendation from our partner Quiddly. Quiddly already had Instant payments from Finshark implemented, but that was not the only reason why coeo chose Finshark.

We found ourselves on the same page in all of coeo’s demands, and there were some! For the consumer, modern, sleek, easy-to-use payments, are essential. On the business side of things, it’s a lot about automation and making sure payments are made correctly. Incorrect payments are a frustration for both coeo as well as their customers.

“With account-to-account payments you choose your bank account, authorize with BankID, and ‘BAM!’ it’s done. It’s a very simple journey.”

Open banking payments are not the only payment option that coeo offers. Swish is another popular option, but account-to-account payments are often preferred on settlements above 500 SEK.

What does the future hold?

The love affair between coeo and open banking seems to get only deeper with time, as open banking can help customers make fewer mistakes, and make sure that mistakes that do happen can be instantly reversed. Even a few hundred kronor can make a big difference for someone in debt.

“Looking forward, we see the enormous potential within open banking. Imagine telling a customer “Hey, look at your account now, you should have the money.”

All in all, for coeo, open banking and easy payments mean they can spend more time on helping people get out of debt. It’s a win, for everybody!